We have provided a full Covid safety guide for participants here:

Download your Covid Safety Guide


To help manage the flow of runners around the event site we will ask you to arrive at the site via a specific pre-designated access point. We will also stagger arrival times so that we are able to safely manage the flow of people, reduce the number of participants at any one point, and maintain safe social distancing at the start of the event. Designated access points will also help to reduce the number of people arriving at the same tube station.


The start line has moved from Pall Mall further East onto Duncannon St to allow us to create more space around the central hub of Trafalgar Square for our pens to make sure we have the space to facilitate 1m social distancing. 


We have created a new pen system over a larger area of space. This is a significant change from previous events to assist with managing the arrival of runners to the event site and also the management of the assembly and start processes. Runners will be pre-allocated a specific pen prior to race day to help us to manage the number of people per pen to allow for safe gathering ahead of your start. It is essential that you assemble in the pen you have been allocated to as the pen capacity has been carefully calculated to allow for safe social distancing. There will be clear signage and event staff on hand to help direct you to your start pen. 


The provision of services for runners is also different from previous events. This is to dovetail with the designated access points and new start pen system and each set of start pens will have an area of runners services allocated to them. On the approach to the start pens from your designated access point, runners will be able to access baggage and toilet areas. Please maintain social distancing and we encourage you to wear a face covering and follow the queuing systems in place. The aim is to create a one-way system ensuring that everyone is moving towards their start pen via these runner service areas. Therefore it is essential that you plan ahead and use the baggage and toilets as you pass them.


There will be information points in each arrival zone where our marshals will be stationed to answer any queries you may have. To ensure social distancing, please only use the information points if you need to. It is very important that everyone accesses our information points safely. This means you must keep at least 1 metre apart at all times, and we encourage you to wear a face covering and follow the queuing system in place.


There will be a new baggage system in place for the 2021 event. We will no longer have one central bag drop area and instead there will be three separate bag drops, each servicing specific start pens to reduce the number of people gathering in one area. A ‘self-service’ bag-drop will be in operation to keep contact points to a minimum and a one-way system will be in place for all runners to follow. We encourage runners to wear a face mask and  where possible we ask runners to arrive ‘run ready.’ If you do need to leave some baggage please keep this to a minimum. 


The number of toilets across the event site and route will be increased. There will be blocks of toilets on the approach routes for the start pens specifically allocated for each start pen to reduce the number of people gathering in one area. The toilets will be frequently cleaned throughout the event and we will have hygiene points at the entrances and exits to ensure that runners are able to stay safe. Please sanitise your hands after using the toilets.


Across the event site we will implement one-way systems. This to assist with movement and reduce the amount of unnecessary contact with others. If runners are unsure of what route to follow there will be clear signage and event staff on hand to help. 


With thanks to the City of Westminster, the City of London Corporation and TfL, our road closures timings have been extended to allow us to start runners over a longer time period so safe social distancing can be maintained.


To help runners stay safe on the run we will regulate the flow of runners onto the route. Each start pen will be walked up to the start line ahead of their start time and runners will be slowly released onto the run route to give good spacing and improve safe running conditions on the route. Each start will take more time than usual but please be patient as this will improve the safe running conditions out on the route. 


While on the run route we encourage you to manage your own social distancing. Please only overtake when it is safe to do so and you can maintain a safe 1m distance. We ask that runners are respectful of their fellow participants and event staff and do not spit or blow their noses on the course. 


Please be considerate of all our staff and volunteers working the event. All staff and volunteers will have been tested for COVID-19 and will be wearing PPE to keep you safe.


After completing the race, you will find your finishers medal and all your other goodies in a responsibly sourced, reusable bag on a self-service stand. Please take one and move through the finishing area.


We want to make the event environmentally sustainable, we also want to make sure it is safe. We will ask you to plan your hydration strategy for the event and bring your own water however rest assured we will have a number of hydration points on the route which will be self-service and re-stocked by event staff in PPE. Please take one bottle of water from each drinks station. There will also be water available at the finish. If you don’t use all the water, tip the remainder out and look to use bins for recycling.

face coverings

We encourage runners to wear a face-covering around the event site and prior to the event start, although runners will not be expected to run in a face covering. We kindly ask that you come ready with your own face covering. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please make sure you wear your exemption badge so we are aware of this. All event staff and volunteers will wear appropriate personal protective equipment at their workstations across the event site.


The event will have enhanced medical cover to cater for the most up to date guidance for mass participation events in outdoor spaces. 


We're happy for your loved ones to come and support you however we ask that you consider limiting the number of supporters you bring and that your supporters avoid congested areas like the start and finish line. Please ask your supporters to consider cheering you on from areas along the route where there is ample and wide space such as the Embankment, Bank Junction or Holborn. We also suggest that you encourage your supporters to take a lateral flow test 24 hours before and only attend if they are safe to do so.  


On arrival at the event site, we encourage you to scan our QR code using the NHS Covid-19 App. This will enable NHS Test and Trace to get in contact with you if it is suspected that you have been in close proximity to someone with the virus.