Published 11th March 

You've put in the hard work but don't forget the importance of recovery as we head towards race day. Equinox's regeneration movements should be included after every training session to aid recovery. Enjoy - you've earned it! 



Power Movements

Published 4th March 

With your training well under way, it could be time to add a little power to help you finish strong. Include these power movements from Equinox before your runs or as part of a workout a few times a week. 



Key strength movements

Published 18th Feb 

It can be easy to forget how much strength is needed to carry you through 13 miles. Equinox shared some key strength movements you can add into your training programme to help power you through on race day.



Pre-run prep routine

Published 11th Feb 

As your runs get longer, prepare your body for the miles ahead and reduce your risk of injury with this pre-run movement prep routine from Equinox.



Core exercises

Published 28th January

Keeping your core strong will help your stability, posture and energy as you run - it could even help you run faster. Try these core exercises from Equinox before a run or on a separate day as part of a workout.




Published 21st January 

Mobility is key to staying injury free through your training. Try these mobility moves a few times a week before or after a run or workout.