On Tuesday 12 May 2020 we sadly announced that it was no longer possible for LLHM 2020 to be postponed and so would be fully cancelled. This was due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the government imposed requirements for social distancing to stay in place to prevent the spread of the virus for the foreseeable future until either a vaccine is developed or the virus dissipates.

We understand this was incredibly disappointing news for everyone who was due to take part this year.  It was not a decision we wanted to make but we knew everyone would understand why the event could no longer take place, and that cancellation was our only option and was in the best interests of the health and safety of our LLHM community. Thank you to everyone who has shown us support and kindness in this difficult situation.

We would also like to say a very special thank you to Westminster City Council, the City of London Corporation, and TfL for their support throughout this challenging time.

Ballot Runners

The deadline for ballot runners to notify us of what they would like to do with their 2020 place was  Friday 29 May and has now passed.  

If you were not in touch by the deadline, your entry fee for 2020 has now been donated to baby charity Tommy’s to help us continue with our vital work in saving babies’ lives.

Tommy’s has been hit very hard by this pandemic and more than 40% of our income is at risk. These funds will support us to continue funding research at Tommy’s centres to help us make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth. You will also be helping us to continue to support pregnant women, a high-risk group for coronavirus, and take pressure off the NHS. To find out more about Tommy’s please click here.

Charity Runners

By now your charity should have been in touch with you to discuss your options and next steps. Your place belongs to your charity and any decision about your place must be made by your charity.  LLHM cannot issue charity runner refunds or deferrals. LLHM 2020 charity places do not automatically rollover to LLHM 2021, however you can still secure a place in LLHM 2021 through your chosen charity if they choose to partner with LLHM again. Please bear with your charity and LLHM whilst 2021 places are being finalised. As soon as the charity has confirmed their places they will be able to update you. 

Please be patient with your charity as this is an incredibly busy time and charities have been hit very hard financially by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  If you haven’t heard from your charity, please contact them directly to understand the next steps.

Partner/Sponsor/Media Runners

Please contact the organisation who allocated you your place once LLHM 2021 has been launched later this year. At that point, the organisation will be able to let you know your options.


I am a ballot runner that requested a refund and I still haven't received the funds to my bank account?

If you have received an email confirming that we are processing your request, please be patient with us. We have a high volume of refunds to process and we are working as quickly as possible.  Please allow at least 15 business days before contacting us.  

What do I need to do with my LLHM 2020 race pack?

Runners will have received their LLHM 2020 race packs in the post at the end of March containing an LLHM 2020 t-shirt, race bib and drawstring bag. In light of the event cancellation, we will not be asking runners to send these back to us. Please keep these items as part of your LLHM collection and we hope you wear your yellow t-shirt with pride. 

What happens with my iTAB order?

An ITAB is an engraved insert that personalises your medal.

If you are an LLHM 2020 runner that has ordered an iTAB here are the options for your iTAB order.

Option 1: If you took part in the Local Landmarks Challenge , you can include your customised iTAB in your medal.  

Once you've completed your challenge, you can customise your iTAB with your name, distance, and time by clicking here.

Option 2: Claim a credit

If you did not take part in the Local Landmarks Challenge you can claim a credit for your iTAB and use it in any future event you take part in. To claim your credit please click here.

Can I still take part in the Local Landmarks Challenge?

No, the Local Landmarks Challenge has now ended. The final day to take part was Sunday 7 June.  Please see here for more information on claiming your medal. 

Can I still buy LLHM merchandise?

Yes, you can. Please visit our online shop to buy the latest LLHM merchandise.

When will you open the public ballot for the LLHM 2021?

Information on LLHM 2021 entry will be available later this year once we have a better idea of the format the event will take.  

Can I pre-register for LLHM 2021?

Yes you can pre-register for LLHM 2021 here

If you have a question, please remember to read carefully through all the information above first, before getting in touch with us to help our small team manage during this busy time. If you can’t find an answer, please contact us at [email protected]