The workout every runner is missing

Relentless forward progress may be the mantra of many a runner, but if a fitness program relies on mileage alone, that progress will eventually come to a screeching halt. “Running is a natural human movement, yes, but it needs to be treated like a sport,” says Brooklyn Heights-based Equinox Tier 3+ trainer and group fitness instructor Miriam Wasmund, herself a marathon runner (and Alvin Ailey-trained dancer). “Long-term, one wouldn’t dance or play football without any training and expect to do it well. This is no different.” Click here to see the full Equinox workout.

10 ab exercises for runners

Your core is what holds you upright when sprinting and running. Building that core strength helps you be a stronger runner. Click here for exercise details. 

20 minute plyometric workout

While actually running is certainly necessary to get better at running, hitting the weight room could be your secret speed-enhancing weapon. Specifically, adding in plyometrics can help boost your proprioception (your body’s awareness of where it is in space), your reaction time, power generation, joint integrity, and individual leg development. Joints take a pounding on a run so it is important for the body to know how to properly absorb this force. A plyometric programme can do just that—and ward off back, hip, and knee injuries. Click here for the 20 minute Equinox workout.

20 minute dumbbell HIIT workout

This workout is metabolic conditioning-based, so you’re reaping the benefits of both resistance training and high-intensity cardio all at once. Plus, it gets you moving in all three planes of motion, so not only are you burning fat and conditioning your muscles, but you're also improving mobility and engaging your core throughout.” See the full 20 minute Equinox workout here.  

4 moves to make you fitter and faster 

Treat running as you would any sport, and include cross training to strengthen the muscles and movement patterns you use when you run. Check out 4 moves here.

20 minute core workout

Lower back aches can be a common complaint for new runners or those increasing their mileage. Working on your glutes and core can help. Try out Equinox's 20-minute core workout.