We are delighted to have partnered with realbuzz to provide opportunities for international charities to connect with runners and both be part of the LLHM. With over 20 years of experience, realbuzz currently work with +5,000 charities across the globe and partner with events across ten different countries.  

How it works

With realbuzz, international charities have the option to buy entries up front for a guaranteed team in LLHM 2025 or, for those charities who’d like more support to recruit and steward runners and minimise upfront commitments, the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme is a perfect fit.  

Entry packages -for charities who want to secure multiple guaranteed entries in the LLHM 

Multiple entries in the LLHM can be purchased upfront by international charities so you can guarantee your team. These places are managed through realbuzz , not directly with the LLHM, so charities can focus on fundraising.   

Run with realbuzz -for charities who need more support to recruit and steward runners or don’t want to buy entries upfront  
This means a charity does not buy places upfront, but is listed on the realbuzz website for LLHM 2025. Any runner who wishes to take part in LLHM 2025 for an international charity can apply to take part and fundraise for your charity. When a runner registers to run for a charity in the LLHM, realbuzz support them to reach (and hopefully surpass) their fundraising target.

The charity pays for the runner when they have reached the minimum fundraising target, ensuring the charity never loses out and receives 100% of the funds raised.  

How much are the places?

There are no upfront costs for run with realbuzz and it is free to be listed as a charity partner on their website. Charities are invoiced only when their runner meets certain fundraising milestones with a maximum payment of £250 if a runner reaches 150% or more of the fundraising target. 

Realbuzz only guarantee entry for runners when they reach the first fundraising milestone - 75% of the target, which they must hit 30 days before registration officially closes for the event.  
Places are released to runners on a first come first served basis, so entries aren’t guaranteed through ‘run with realbuzz’ – where demand is high, places will sell out quickly. 

Entry packages cost an average of £195 per entry. This is a pre-purchased package which guarantees entry and is managed through realbuzz, including promotional support and seamless technology to vet applications and manage your charity team.

I haven't worked with realbuzz before, how can I buy places through them?

Please get in touch with them directly [email protected] to see how you can get involved in 2025.

Realbuzz exists to serve charities of all sizes and offer a wide range of services to ensure that fundraising through events is as accessible as possible. Realbuzz ‘flex’ their services to meet the needs of the charities which can be discussed with their dedicated Partnerships Team.  

Can I buy places up front through realbuzz?

Yes through the entry packages mentioned above, charities can buy guaranteed places upfront. 

Can I buy places through the LLHM and realbuzz?

You cannot buy charity places through realbuzz if you have purchased places directly from London Landmarks. You also cannot ‘top up’ places through the realbuzz site.  

Can I have a cheer station on race day?

Absolutely! All communications about the LLHM 2025 cheer point theme and location will go out closer to the time to any charities that have runners in the event.