iTAB Credit Claim 

ITABs are provided by our partner My Sporting Times. Since the cancellation of the LLHM 2020, if you purchased an LLHM iTAB your purchase has automatically been added as a credit on their system.  

You can redeem this credit once you have taken part in a future event such as the LLHM 2021. Your iTAB will remain as a credit on their system for an unlimited time until you choose to redeem it. Events are only listed on the iTAB website once they have taken place, this is so that you can include your finish time in the iTAB.

I bought an iTAB for LLHM 2020 and took part in the LLC 

By taking part in the Local Landmarks Challenge you should have received the original LLHM 2020 medal. You can include your iTAB in this medal by clicking here. Alternatively, you can claim a credit for your iTAB and use it in any future event you take part in. To claim your credit click here

Can I buy an iTAB for the LLC? 

If you have completed the LLC, yes, you can customise your medal with an iTAB. The iTAB is an insert that will include your name, time, distance, and the words 'Local Landmarks Challenge'.  

For more information and to purchase your iTAB please click here


If you are having any issues completing your name/time/distance on your iTAB please contact our partner directly on: [email protected] and they will be able to help you.