Purchasing an iTAB for LLHM 2024

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement, you can purchase an iTAB here for your LLHM 2024 medal.

Purchasing an iTAB for LLHM 2023 and past events 

If you would like to order an iTAB to make your LLHM finisher’s medal extra special after race day, please click here to complete your order.

Before you purchase your iTAB, please do check that you didn't already order one when you completed your registration by checking your confirmation email.

iTAB Stars

iTAB love to shine a spotlight on inspirational runners in their iTAB Star video series. From having to learn to walk again after coming round from a coma, to devastating child loss, to huge weight loss achievements, they all have incredible stories to tell. Watch LLHM finisher Tanya tell hers below: