Brought to you by Gareth Cole Head of Performance at COACH LONDON

Gareth videos demonstrate some simple movements that you can do prior to both your training runs and the race itself which will really help avoid unnecessary injuries and ensure your body and muscles are ready for the task ahead. These exercises are suitable for all levels of runners from beginners to elite so add them to your routine to keep you on track and performing at your best. 

1) Ankle Rocking: Mobilise ankle joint and prepare plantar-flexors (Calves) to run

Heels to tip toes x 20


2) Hip Swings: Mobilise the hip and knee joint to prepare for push off and landing

This prepares the hip to flex and extend. Also dynamically stretches the hamstrings and hip flexors. Try 10 each side.


Side to side: This dynamically stretches and prepares the abductors and adductors which aid in single leg stability. Try 10 each side.


3) Spot Hops – Prepares the lower limb muscles and tendons to produce and absorb running specific ground reaction forces.

Try 10 each side



Brought to you by Mark Roper, Principle Trainer at Coach London

Mark’s video share with you the benefits of adding electrolytes into your training plan for the London Landmarks Half Marathon. The minerals contain within a high quality electrolyte powder which will improve hydration, energy and performance levels whilst decreasing the risk of cramps and injuries. Add the electrolytes to your water first thing in the morning and before/during intensive exercise. 



Brought to you by Natalie Green, Massage Therapist at COACH MEDICAL

Natalie shows us how massaging your muscles before and after running a half marathon can help to improve your flexibility and overall performance, as well as aid in your post race recovery.