The London Landmarks Half Marathon is an event born out of a deep love for our amazing capital, and it’s important to us that we leave London’s streets as clean as we found them.

We’re committed to ensuring our event is as environmentally friendly as possible, while making sure the LLHM continues to be an affordable option for runners and charities supporting a wide range of causes across the UK.

If you have any questions, feedback, recommendations or can offer assistance with our sustainability plans, please contact [email protected]

Participant communications

From pre-registering to receiving official finish times, all LLHM participant communications are digital and sent by email. By not posting additional communications such as congratulations/commiseration magazines to runners who have entered the public place ballot, we reduce paper wastage and energy use.

Travel and transportation

We strongly encourage all LLHM runners, charity partners, performers and all other stakeholders to travel by public transport on race day. Not only is this the most convenient way for participants to arrive walking distance from the start line, it also minimises congestion and therefor pollution in central London on race day.


The vast majority of our signage, branding and scrim on race day is generic for reuse year on year. In between events, our signage is securely stored so that it’s kept in good condition for maximum reuse.

Foil blankets

The LLHM does not hand out foil blankets to runners at the finish line as these are single use and not the most effective at keeping runners warm in cold conditions.


We are always striving to take steps to reduce the amount of plastic waste whilst still offering one of the UK’s best race day experiences. We’re proud that we continue to provide paper cups rather than plastic bottles along the LLHM route, whilst encouraging all runners to bring their own refillable water bottles.

Discarded clothing on start line

Each year we work with the British Heart Foundation to ensure clothing discarded at the start line is collected and donated and resold locally at their BHF clothing shops. So far, our BHF clothing collections have raised an estimated £6,675 for heart research, also saving 4.6 tonnes of reusable clothing from landfill.  

The BHF love turning unwanted clothing into lifesaving research that will help transform the lives of people living with heart and circulatory conditions. Donating your unwanted clothing at the half marathon start line, will help the BHF fund breakthroughs into heart disease, to power science that keeps families together for longer.  

Race Numbers

Our race bib numbers are recyclable.  We ask all runners to do their part at removing their timing chips and making sure their race numbers are placed in paper recycling.

Race T-shirts

Any surplus LLHM kit will be donated by The Great Run Company (on behalf of LLHM) to Kit Aid, a volunteer-run charity which recycles leftover sports kits by distributing to children and adults across the developing world.   


The LLHM are proud that any remaining medals on race-day are sustainably recycled. 

Head office recycling

The LLHM headquarters are continually taking steps to reduce waste and promote paperless working practices internally. Our office has facilities to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and most food containers. We do not use disposable cups and have introduced a secure print function which is not only more compliant with GDPR, but also reduces the amount of unnecessary printing.

We are always looking for way to improve the environmental sustainability of the LLHM. If you have any questions, feedback, recommendations or can offer assistance with our sustainability plans, please contact [email protected]