Guided History Tours

Once again our amazing partners the City Guides and Westminster Guides provided fantastic free guided history tours on LLHM 2022 race day.

The short tours were led by Official Guides of the City of London and Westminster and were the perfect way to discover more about London whilst cheering on a loved one.

The following free tours were available to join on 2022 race day:

In Westminster

Temple Place: The Thames, The Tube and Some Tweezers…

The Thames was once much broader in this part of town. The Underground now runs under your feet. No 2 Temple Place was built for Nancy Astor’s father-in-law and just behind it runs an alleyway that tells of Quit-Rents and knights of old… 

2 Temple Place, WC2R 2PH --- 9.30am-12pm

Watergate Walk: Drinks, Drama and Diamonds  

Gordon’s is the oldest wine bar in London.  Rudyard Kipling wrote his first novel The Light That Failed there.  The landlocked Watergate hints of diamonds, musketeers and dangerous femme fatales….

Embankment Gardens, WC2N 6NE --- 10.15am-1.30pm

The Strand: A String of Pearls Between Two Cities

Once the Strand was crowded with grand houses. Only Somerset House remains but what a house it is!  Round the corner lies Covent Garden and up Montreal Place, awaits The Waldorf Hotel from 1908, the first American style hotel in London.

Aldwych/India Place, WC2B 4NA --- 9.15am-11.30am

In the City

From Horns to Honey    

The chance to discover the heart of the medieval City where tradesman and criminals were neighbours.  This short walk provides a taster of the early City where trades flourished, early business women prospered and debtors and highway men languished. 

Corner of Cheapside and King Street, EC2V 6DT --- 10.30am-1.30pm

Where London Began

Find out out why the Romans settled here and what happened next?  Starting on the spot where London was founded nearly 2000 years ago, we'll walk through the centuries to the here and now and one of the City's newest, iconic buildings.

Walbrook, EC4N 8AF --- 10.30am-1.30pm

Ten Centuries In One Place

Exploring an ancient part of London where a lot of blood has been shed. The walk tells the tale of the City full of kings, prisoners, executions and memorials to lost mariners.

Tower Hill Station --- 10.30am-1.30pm

Bow Bells 

Hear the story of one of the City's most well-know churches - St Mary-le-Bow, home to some of the most famous bells in the world. Being born within the sound of them makes you a “Cockney” or native Londoner. It has been through a tornado, the Great Fire of London and wartime bombing but remains one of the modern City’s most active churches.

Bow Churchyard, EC2V 6A0 --- 10.30am-1.30pm


Other Tours

Runners and spectators visiting for the weekend made the most with these Saturday tours

City of London Guides

London's River Walk: Trade, transport and traditions

The River Thames is London. It’s why the Romans chose its gravel north bank to found Londinium; its tidal waters brought trade and wealth to the City - and continues to do so.
Spend a leisurely couple of hours walking along its edge and let your City of London Guide tell you about frost fairs, swan upping, entertainment Southwark-style and Lord Mayors’ Shows. Discover how the Thames helped - and hindered - the City during the Blitz of 1940 and what role it played during the Great Fire of 1666 and visit an 1100 year-old dock and the site of the first public lavatory (fortunately no longer there!) 

11.00am  - 12.30pm 
Tickets:  £12 (£10 concession). Limited places which must be booked in advance. Starts from the City Information Centre
Book Here

A Right Royal City 

A new guided walk to mark the Platinum Jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth II.

The City of London has had royal connections since King Alfred the Great brought his people back inside its Roman walls for protection from Vikings.
Discover the trials and tribulations, pomp and celebrations of the kings, queens, princes and princesses who have left their mark on the City of London over the centuries. From events that everyone still talks about to royal organisations that have been saving lives for 500 years to tales of royal treasures, the City has it all.
Join your official City of London Guide to explore the streets that witnessed these events. The tour takes around 2 hour including stopping to look at things along the way. Limited spaces which MUST be booked in advance. Reserve your place now.

2.00pm - 4.00pm
Tickets:  £12 (£10 concession). Limited places which must be booked in advance.  Starts from the City Information Centre
Book Here

John Snow and the Birth of the Science of Epidemiology

Meeting outside the rear entrance of the British Museum in Montague Place at 2 pm. (The nearest tube is Russell Square )

The science of epidemiology, which studies how diseases are spread, dates back to the pioneering work of Dr. John Snow on the cholera outbreaks which devastated Soho in 1854. We will start at the Institute of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine where we will see several of the ‘vectors’ which spread disease. We will then walk to Soho and visit sites associated with Dr. Snow’s uncovering of how cholera was spread. We will finish at the John Snow pub at about 4 pm. and can continue the discussion over a pint.

2.00pm - 4.00pm
Tickets £8 paid to the Guide on the day
For further information please contact the Guide directly: Mike Howgatge on [email protected] 

Shining a Light on the Bridges 

Walk with us as the sun goes down and the Illuminated River comes to life.

The Illuminated River runs through the heart of London along the River Thames and is the longest public art commission in the world, yet no public money has been used to fund it. Each bridge has a specially designed lighting sequence created by artist Leo Villareal and all together they shine a subtle and beautiful light on the Thames and London.
Come and see the first four bridges with us on this evening stroll which takes around 75 minutes including stopping to look at things along the way.
We try to make our walks as inclusive and accessible as possible and use lifts to access the riverside path.

Friday, April 1st
7.30pm - 9.00pm
Tickets:  £10 (£8 concession). Limited places which must be booked in advance. Starts from Blackfriars station (North side)
Book Here

City of Westminster Guides

The Dutch in London during World War Two

During World War Two, London was a haven for eight leaders and Governments in exile from occupied Europe. It became the Continent’s resistance centre in its fight for freedom. 
People from all over Europe found their way here, including some 1700 Dutch citizens, who escaped from The Netherlands after the German invasion in May, 1940. This included Queen Wilhelmina, her daughter, Princess Juliana, son-in-law, Prince Bernard and their children, together with members of the Dutch Government. 
Follow in their footsteps as we walk through London, visiting places they would have known and hearing some of their stories - and other stories they inspired! - while getting a picture of what London was like then.
There are public toilets at Victoria Station and at Green Park Underground, which we will pass en route. 
Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance. Reserve your place now!

Saturday, April 2nd
11:00am – 1.15pm
Start: Statue of Field Marshall Foch on Buckingham Palace Road, opposite Victoria Station
Finish: Chinatown
Tickets: £12 (£10 for seniors)

Contact: City of Westminster Guide, Lulu Martyn-David, at [email protected] for enquiries and to book.

Virtual Tour - Food and Drink Emporiums of the West End - A tour of the West End's most famous food and drink emporiums from breakfast tea to after-dinner drinks

Join City of Westminster Guide Joanna Moncrieff on a virtual tour through the fascinating history of some of the West End’s famous food & drink shops including household names such as Twinings and Fortnum & Mason.
Did you know that if it wasn’t for a downturn in weaving in Gloucestershire that Twinings Teas may never have been established or that the first proprietors of Berry Brothers were originally painter-stainers?
Some of the tools used in her research have sent Joanna off down some very interesting rabbit holes and she will share some of these tools and the results of her searches in this tour.

Friday 1st April 8pm to 9pm
Tickets £8 per person (including booking fee) here

For enquiries: [email protected]


You can read about the other tours offered by the City Guides and Westminster Guides all year round on their websites.