Guided History Tours

In previous years, spectators have been offered the following brilliant engaging tours by our amazing partners the City Guides and Westminster Guides:

In Westminster

Temple Place: The Thames, The Tube and Some Tweezers…

The Thames was once much broader in this part of town. The Underground now runs under your feet. No 2 Temple Place was built for Nancy Astor’s father-in-law and just behind it runs an alleyway that tells of Quit-Rents and knights of old… 

Watergate Walk: Drinks, Drama and Diamonds  

Gordon’s is the oldest wine bar in London.  Rudyard Kipling wrote his first novel The Light That Failed there.  The landlocked Watergate hints of diamonds, musketeers and dangerous femme fatales….

The Strand: A String of Pearls Between Two Cities

Once the Strand was crowded with grand houses. Only Somerset House remains but what a house it is!  Round the corner lies Covent Garden and up Montreal Place, awaits The Waldorf Hotel from 1908, the first American style hotel in London.

In the City

From Horns to Honey    

Discover the heart of the medieval City where tradesman and criminals were neighbours. This short walk will give you a taster of the early City where trades flourished, early business women prospered and debtors and highway men languished. 

Where London Began

Find out out why the Romans settled here and what happened next?  Starting on the spot where London was founded nearly 2000 years ago, we'll walk through the centuries to the here and now and one of the City's newest, iconic buildings.

Ten Centuries In One Place

Explore this ancient part of London where a lot of blood has been shed. On this walk we'll tell a tale of the City full of kings, prisoners, executions and memorials to lost mariners.

Hear The Bow Bells Ring 

Hear the story of one of the City's most well-know churches - St Mary-le-Bow, home to one of the most famous “rings” of bells in the world. Being born within the sound of them makes you a “Cockney” or native Londoner. Seat of William the Conqueror’s first Archbishop, and still the home of the Archbishop’s court, it has been through a tornado, the Great Fire of London and wartime bombing. It remains one of the modern City’s most active churches.


You can read about the other tours offered by the City Guides and Westminster Guides all year round on their websites.