Charity is at the heart of the London Landmarks Half Marathon. We’ve partnered with the Fundraising Regulator, which regulates charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to work together to promote good fundraising practice for the benefit of all our participants.  

In the article below, the Fundraising Regulator has given some guidance on who they are and what to look out for, both for LLHM participants and charities.

Fundraising Regulator’s top tips and guidance 

Running in support of a cause is a great way to fundraise for charity. Not only will you get the chance to support a cause that personally means something to you, but you can also help raise awareness of the charity amongst even more people. Yet it’s important to remember when fundraising there are steps you can take to make sure your funds go to those who need it. 

The Fundraising Regulator has partnered with the London Landmarks Half Marathon to help you give to charity with confidence. 

Before choosing a charity to support, you should always do your research and follow some simple steps to ensure you’re raising money for a legitimate organisation.

Four steps to help you support charities safely

1.    Before supporting a charity, we recommend you look out for the Fundraising Badge (the logo that says ‘registered with Fundraising Regulator’) so you can feel reassured an organisation is genuine. However, your checks shouldn’t stop there.

2.    You should look up the charity you wish to support in the Fundraising Regulator’s online directory of registered organisations. If you see the organisation’s entry, you can have confidence the charity has committed to good fundraising. 

3.    If you can’t see the badge or a listing in our online directory, you should look for the registered charity number and search the register of charities held by the Charity Commission for England and Wales or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland to confirm the details you have are legitimate. It’s a legal requirement for registered charities with an income above £10,000 a year to state they are a registered charity when fundraising on a range of documents, including their website.

4.    If you’d like any additional information, you can always contact the organisation directly to ask more. A genuine charity should be happy to answer questions and explain more about their work, while never putting you under pressure to donate.

About the Fundraising Regulator  

The Fundraising Regulator is the independent regulator of charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We protect the public by supporting charities to fundraise ethically. We issue the Fundraising Badge to charities that commit to the fundraising standards by registering with us.

What is the Fundraising Badge?

The Fundraising Badge is the logo that charities display on their fundraising materials that says, ‘registered with Fundraising Regulator’. 

When a charity displays the badge, it is showing you that it has agreed to fundraise in a way that is legal, open, honest and respectful. The badge is the charity’s public commitment to the standards in the Code of Fundraising Practice, which applies to all charitable fundraising across the UK. 

Where can you find the Fundraising Badge?

You can find the badge on many different charity fundraising materials. This might be things like adverts, collection buckets or leaflets. If you’re browsing online, you might see the badge on the donation pages of a charity’s website or in their social media posts. 


Remember, you may not see the badge on charity communications that aren't about fundraising. Also, some charities may not display the badge as they don’t fundraise from the public. If you’d like any additional information, you can always contact the charity directly to ask more about their work.

So, if you’re thinking of supporting a charity at LLHM 2022, make sure you follow some simple steps for supporting charities safely, to have confidence that your chosen charity has committed to good fundraising.

Registering with the Fundraising Regulator

Following this summer’s London Landmark Half Marathon, 72% of respondents said they would be more likely to support a charity that displays the Fundraising Badge in the future. Any organisations that want to know more about registering with the Fundraising Regulator, should visit our website.

For more information about the Fundraising Regulator and the Fundraising Badge, visit their website

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