Guided Tours

Once again our amazing partners the City Guides and Westminster Guides are back to provide fantastic free guided tours on LLHM 2024 race day.

The short tours will be led by Official Guides of the City of London and Westminster and are the perfect way to discover more about London whilst cheering on a loved one.

The following free tours are available to join on 2024 race day:

In Westminster

The King's Fabulous Beasties and Other Animals

Come with us to a magical land of fabulous beasties and other animals. Help us find the bird with no feet and the horse that sleeps on a crown. Who knows, we might even find a unicorn. Our walks starts at Storeys Gate and Victoria Street and finished in front of Westminster Abbey's West Doors. 

Corner of Victoria and Tothill Streets - 10:00am - 1:00pm

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In the City

Fabulous Beasts and Other City Animals

Some of the City's animals await you - from those with the smallest squeak to those with the biggest roar, but don't worry as none of them are real. Some are in surprising places; some are magical and all of them are close to the LLHM race route. 

Monument Tube, Fish Street Hill exit - 10.30am - 1.30pm

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You can read about the other tours offered by the City Guides and Westminster Guides all year round on their websites.